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About Me
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I am an experienced dance instructor specializing in Latin, Ballroom, and Club dance styles. My teaching methods are tailored to accommodate your preferred learning style, whether it's visual, kinesthetic, auditory, or a combination of these approaches. I started my dance journey at the age of nine in the Pacific Northwest region and went on to become a competitive International Ballroom 10-Dance DanceSport performer. At 21, I transitioned from the performance and competitive dance world to pursue a professional career in healthcare. However, my love for dance never waned, and for the past decade, I have dedicated myself to teaching both children and adults from my hometown Seattle, WA, to Orange County, CA, Brooklyn, NY, and now the Triangle Region of NC.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed dance transform countless lives. It is a universal language that transcends all. It is a language that knows no borders, no race, no color, nothing but pure beauty of humanity. Whether you seek to overcome anxiety, build confidence to connect with someone special, prepare for a wedding, or simply add some excitement to an event or party, I am here to help you shine your brightest on the dance floor.

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